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Partnership Program

Workplace Partnership Program

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Workplace Partnership Agreement

Creating high performing organizations one relationship at a time

Develop a culture of truly energized employees... 
where people do their best work...
and are fully committed to results!

A workplace fantasy?  

It’s a reality with the Workplace Partnership Program
Extraordinary engagement. Increased commitment. Outstanding performance.
Today’s managers and leaders are often faced with the question of how to fully engage employees at work - including the various generations, employees ready to retire, and those who need to work harder and smarter with fewer staff.

The Workplace Partnership Agreement is a powerful tool to help managers and employees communicate effectively together, manage expectations, and get the right work done!

Workplace Partnership Agreements will:
  • Clarify the roles, goals and expectations of both manager and employee so they know what explicity is expected of them.
  • Ensure annual goals are achieved by creating an agreement describing how the manager and employee will support each other's success.
  • Provide a simple communication system that will support the partnership and an efficient method for follow up.
  • Foster adaptability to change and how to effectively deal with new expectations that arise along the way.
  • Instill a culture of collaborative partnering that motivates people into doing optimal work.

Workplace Partnership Program

How can I use this program?

Program materials and workshops can be customized to:
  • On-board new employees
  • Support the performance evaluation and goal setting process (online materials and workshop available) 
  • Re-energize existing teams
  • Jump start project teams
  • Effectively merge new departments and organizations
  • Become trusted partners with key clients
  • Increase the bottom line!
What comes with it?
  • Customized “Partnership Tools” including online people performance programs powered by GoalSpan
  • Skill building workshops for departments and teams
  • Coaching support for individuals and groups

* Limited Offer:  Contact us for information on a free pilot program for up to 10 people!